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10 Interesting Korean Games You Can Play with Your Friends

Catch as many stones as you can using the back of your hand. While one stone is in the air, drop the other four stones you still have in your hand to the ground. Candies are traditionally made, offering a crispy texture!

Although it remains popular in Korea, its birth dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China. According to a historical record of 1116, Yejong of Goryeo commissioned a rulebook of Tuho. They enjoyed the game after a royal banquet or a Giroyeon, a banquet held to honor government official alumni.

Under Japanese rule, nearly all traditional games in Korea disappeared. Have you had fun learning about these games in Korea with us today? Hopefully, you’ll get to play some of these 먹튀 games when you’re in Korea next time, or even in your home country with your friends or family. Unlike the footbag in a hacky sack, jegi is made out of paper, which is then wrapped around a coin. This is another wintertime activity for young people, especially popular to play over Lunar New Year’s holiday. In this game, you will use a “jegi” which is a Korean word for an item similar to a shuttlecock that is made from paper wrapped around a small coin.

In the original game, each kid who could pull out the figure from their Dalgona candy would receive a free bonus treat. Here’s an actual Dalgona candy used for Dalgona Game that you can find in convenience stores in Korea. In this game, the contestants each receive a flat candy made out of melted sugar and baking soda, resembling a honeycomb. Each candy has one of four possible figures crafted on them.

The games were slightly changed to make them more enjoyable. One example of the game is people getting into groups and competing. Farmers or young people get into groups and run with torches, burning large areas or turning off the torch from the other side. In top-spinning, played primarily by children, a player spins a wooden top with a stick to make it spin on ice or on the ground. Popular in winter, the games have names which vary by region. The best tops are heavy, with strong tips, and they are often spun in groups.

Games remove the fear of making mistakes and promote natural, spontaneous communication. Now, although this is absolutely a traditional game, I’m afraid it is one you will be unable to play in your own home. In fact, you’re going to be hard-pressed to play it anywhere. That being said, it’s an important cultural aspect of Korean history. Gonu is a game that involves moving one’s pieces to trap or capture an opponent’s pieces on a board.

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