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17 best baby swaddles + wraps UK 2023

There’s a good reason these top-rated swaddles have been a parenting staple for over 16 years. Basically, the muslin swaddle blankets from Aden + Anais are the Swiss army knife of parenting. They’re lightweight and versatile and come in handy far beyond simply swaddling your baby. They make perfect burp cloths and nursing covers, play time blankets or even to block the sun from the stroller on afternoon adventures. Honey Bug offers one of the best swaddle blankets for use even when the weather gets warmer.

We loved the two-way zipper that lets you unzip from the top or bottom, making diaper changes a breeze. The zipper isn’t exposed on the inside, making it comfortable and safe. The Woombie comes in 4 sizes, including preemie, newborn, big baby, and mega baby; those sizes basically range from premature (3-5 pounds) up to about 25 pounds limit.

With its unique interior panel, the Sleepea can keep babies more securely swaddled than other models we looked at. The strip of Velcro is smaller and not as uncomfortably stiff nor as loud as that on other swaddles we tested. (And on your skill level as a swaddle ninja.) It’s a good idea to register for a few different types of swaddles to see which one your baby prefers. But if your baby has hip dysplasia or other hip issues, swaddling may aggravate that.

Combination swaddles feature both a zip and velcro closure, allowing you to get the perks of each. And, of course, a traditional swaddle closes by tucking the remaining loose end into the swaddle after wrapping your baby. It was a close competition between the Mushie muslin baby swaddle and Aden + Anais muslin blankets. The Mushie baby swaddles are also cotton muslin that feels soft to the touch , lightweight, and breathable. In addition, after several cycles in the washing machine the material showed no signs of shrinking, pilling, or any other change in quality.

Keep both arms in, allow your baby’s hands to stay near their face for self-soothing, or keep one or both of their arms out for an easy transition from swaddling. The generously-sized fasteners also offer adjustability for a perfect fit. Your little peanut couldn’t look any cuter than she will in these swaddles. Pretty in pink, the designs are adorable and girly and perfect for both slumber or photo ops. They’re super easy to use — simply wrap them up and secure them with the hook-and-loop fasteners. And because the tabs are adjustable, they’ll work — regardless of your baby’s size.

Extra room in the bottom half also supports healthy hip development. But with so much sleepwear on the market to choose from, it can be tricky to decide what’s right for your new baby. From safety advice to the best swaddles to shop, we’ll help you get started. As your baby grows and develops, they will go through many transitions, and it’s important to support them through these changes. Swaddling can be a comforting and familiar experience for your little one, so understandably, they may feel anxious or upset when it’s time to stop.

The Halo SleepSack makes swaddling a no-brainer thanks to the zipper and Velcro wings. And because it zips from the bottom, diaper changes are quick. Unlike typical swaddles, this sleepsack style is looser around the legs and provides more options for securing your baby’s arms. (You can even leave arms out and fasten the wings around their waist.) It also helps make the transition out of swaddles easier. This brand’s take on swaddle blankets encourages baby’s legs to be in the M-shaped frog position, which is recommended to avoid hip dysplasia. The removable bottom piece can also lift for quick diaper changes, while the pocket sleeves help securely hold baby’s arms.

While standard muslin blankets are fine to use, many of the best swaddles will feature poppers and zippers that make safely securing your baby a whole lot easier. Like the SwaddleMe Original, this swaddle is made with breathable cotton and the price is hard to beat! The SwaddleMe Pod zips up the front, containing baby tightly in a bodysuit. Our newborn loved this option, although after about a month she quickly learned how to move her hands from her sides up to the top, where they’d peek through by the end of a nap.

The SWADDLE UP’s design allows your baby to sleep with their arms up and legs wide, which parents say helps with babies who loathe swaddling because they want to keep their hands by their face. It’s also recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being a “hip healthy” product. These are simply large and soft blankets that you can wrap your baby up in using a swaddling technique.

Yes, swaddle blankets can be used during summer months, but we caution you to use lightweight materials and monitor them closely to make sure they are not overheating. The risk is higher when a baby is swaddled because they’re not free to move around and have air circulate. In addition to using a lightweight blanket, regularly feel the skin with your hand to make sure it doesn’t feel hot or clammy. These types of swaddles have velcro, zippers, or button closures to make swaddling super easy.

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