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rssSep 28th, 2010

Shaman Work's Chris Craft Launches Nao Media & Consulting

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Nao Media & Consulting is a marketing company working in the fields of music, sports, event consulting, food services, information technology and brand marketing. Based in Columbus, GA, Nao Media & Consulting is the brainchild of Chris Craft, whose experience in the field of media marketing extends to 2003. The company relays its clients' current initiatives to the public through digital means using the web and social media. The company also transforms raw ideas into tangible results. Its client list spans a diverse range of fields, from music artists to sports websites to fitness gyms. Let the experience and ingenuity of Nao Media & Consulting handle all your marketing needs today.

Look for the launch of Nao Live by the end of 2010. Nao Live is a lifestyle website and digital label that will showcase all that's hot in music and art in different parts of the globe. Nao Live will focus on Atlanta upon it's launch with expansion to Los Angeles and Washington D.C. soon after.

You can find out more about Nao Media & Consulting at and at the Nao is Now Blog.