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rssJun 14th, 2008

WTS Rush Hour Review

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What's The Science? ELEVATION

Collaborative project by Carlos Nino (Ammon Contact / Build An Ark) and Lil Sci (aka John Robinson / Scienz Of Life / Sol Uprising).

When listening to projects that come from Carlos Nino's hand, making connections is the main thing that springs to mind. Connecting likewise, open minds from the past and present and having them collaborate with each other, either in a live setting, or production wise, to create new music. The output on one hand clearly shows traces of sixties & seventies soul- and cosmic jazz, and on the other, easily finds it's place along other contemporary hiphop and electronic productions.

Rapper Lil' Sci performs throughout the whole album and verbally takes you from one track to the other. All tracks are produced, or receiving contributions from a wide range of different producers/musicians from the Los Angeles area. An important contribution to the sound here comes from arranger Miguel Atwood –Ferguson (also responsible for many arrangements and general musical direction on the Build An Ark album , as well as on other projects like The Life Force Trio).

Other names involved are Daedelus, Carlos Nino's partner in Ammon Contact Fabian Ammon, Tiffany Paige, Ubiquity's Nobody, Warp's Flying Lotus, jazz singer (the main voice from Build An Ark) Dwight Trible, La based jazz pianist Nate Morgan, Organized Konfusion's Prince Po and Nick Rosen. Recommended!