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The New Jersey native known as DJ K.O. (Keenan Ornsby) has teamed up with Shaman Work Recordings to release the best hip-hop compilation to come out in years.

Picture This... matches a seemingly endless roster of hip-hop’s hottest MC’s with an equally impressive group of producers. The result is a tribute to hip-hop’s past, present, and future.

Veterans like Diamond D, OC, Masta Ace, and Ed OG bring back the past, while lyricists like Talib Kweli, Elzhi (Slum Village), Phonte (Little Brother) and Royce da 5’9 represent today’s hottest performers, and newbies like Skyzoo, Kaze, Superstition, Silent Knight and Tiffany Paige set the bar for what’s to come. Featuring tracks produced by Black Milk, Buckwild Analogic, 9th Wonder and M-Phazes (to name a few) the album definitely has something for everyone.

The man behind this masterpiece is DJ K.O., who kept one thing on his mind when creating the line up: “I approached this as a hip-hop a fan,” he says. “I thought about my own ideal collaborations and took it from there.”

K.O. used his connections from the college radio show he hosted at Rutgers, along with spinning and promoting parties in NYC to get the ball rolling. In 2004, he formed Elementality Productions. It wasn’t long until K.O. shared his vision with John Robinson, (member of What’s The Science? and President of Shaman Work Recordings). Three years later, the finished product exceeds even K.O.’s expectations.

“Most of the songs are good, old-fashioned hip-hop,” he explains. “There’s a raw, angry gutter sound mixed with more smooth, soulful tracks.”

With Picture This... hitting stores in September, K.O.’s eyes are already set on the future. “I’m a lot more focused on the behind-the-scenes stuff than dee-jaying,” he says. “ The aspects of A&R, management, and executive producing are most appealing to me.”

He also hopes to continue to provide a platform for new performers to be heard on a large scale.

“Nowadays, it’s so hard to break an artist,” he says. “ I knew there were so many dope artists who just needed a chance to be heard.”



Picture This...
Released Sep 23rd, 2008
Prepare to be knocked out by this compilation of hip-hop heavyweights sharing tracks with the industries up and comers. Featuring tracks produced by Black Milk, Buckwild, Analogic, 9th Wonder and M-Phazes (to name a few) the album definitely has something for everyone.
Perception is Everything
Released Jan 10th, 2008