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Four Types of Pet Sitting Insurance

How Much Does Pet Sitting Insurance Cost? The price of your Pet Sitting Insurance varies based on some factors. Factors such as your zip code, how many dogs you plan on sitting, the number of years you plan on keeping your pet sitting, and the duration of your policy all play a role in determining the statistical probability that comes with insuring your pet sitting company. In other words, if there is a greater likelihood of someone being hurt using your vehicle or sitting in your home, then the insurance company will be more likely to cover you for any accidents or incidents that could happen.

There are two main pieces to pet sitting insurance. The first is general liability insurance. This covers your clients for any physical or bodily injury that they sustain while sitting in your home or while taking your vehicle out. This bodily injury is generally measured by the dollar amount of the claim. For example, if your tenant slips and falls on your wooden floor and needs to be hospitalized, this is the value of the claim.

The second piece of pet sitting insurance cover is called premises liability insurance. Here, the insurance company pays for any property damage that is inflicted on your clients due to your client’s carelessness, negligence, or intentional misconduct. Premises liability insurance is typically the most costly insurance cover that you’ll get because it involves higher premiums and is usually not recommended for small businesses that are only recently starting up. The best providers for this type of insurance cover will be the ones that offer the best coverage for the most money. As with general liability insurance, there are different limits for the different types of property damage that are covered.

To find the best providers for your pet sitting policies, you can search online for multiple quote web sites. When you do this, you’ll receive quotes from different providers that are connected with one another through the Internet. You’ll also receive rates for the coverage of different coverage levels as well as premiums.

The third type of coverage that you should consider for your pet sitting insurance policy is called add-ons. Add-ons are basically customized options for coverage that you might choose to purchase. For example, you might want to add a rider that covers for lost and neglected pets as well as specific coverage for certain situations such as vet bills that exceed a certain amount. You’ll pay more premiums for add-ons than for basic pet insurance, but they are very handy to have in case something happens to your pet unexpectedly and you don’t have time to recover it.

Basic pet sitting insurance policy coverage typically doesn’t cover sitters for risk factors such as demographics or habits such as smoking. The only coverage that most policies provide for these risk factors is for the accidental injury or illness. If you have a sitter who has a history of accidents such as dog bites or falls because of overworking, then you need to contact your sitter’s employer and inquire about whether they will cover them under their company’s policy or if you must buy it separately. For many business owners, the cost of the premiums is worth the peace of mind that they receive when their sitter is insured for any unfortunate incident.

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