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How to Pick Out the Perfect Diamond Ring

粉紅鑽石 Diamond rings are one of the most popular and beautiful forms of jewelry. An engagement ring is simply a ring identifying the person who is being married to be married soon, particularly in Western societies. A ring alone is usually presented by an engaged partner to their future partner immediately after a wedding proposal or when they finally accept marriage. The ring then becomes an heirloom passed down from one generation to another in families striving for socioeconomic equality. When it comes to diamonds, they are a girl’s best friend, as they say.

But diamond rings aren’t just reserved as girl’s best friend; they are also very meaningful and symbolic. This is why you will see many people wearing diamond rings: because it signifies something very deep to them. For the young bride, a diamond ring means her relationship is of a legal nature, that she is married and that she will live happily ever after. For the groom, a diamond ring symbolizes the start of his marriage to his future wife.

In choosing diamond jewelry, the most important factor that the customer must take into account is the setting. In other words, what kind of setting do you want your diamond rings to have? Believe it or not, diamond jewelry has very specific “cases” that define how the gemstone is to be positioned in the setting. There are four main settings: channel settings, pave, bezel and the round. Each setting has its own appeal, but depending on the taste of the customer, he/she may choose either the bezel or the channel setting.

Another factor to consider when choosing engagement rings is the type of metal band used to mount the gems. If you are opting for white gold rings, then it would be safe to assume that the setting is probably bezel or channel set. If you are choosing platinum, gold or silver, then the best options would be the pave or bezel setting. But before you make a final decision, just to make sure, you should consult a jeweler who will be able to advise you which setting will look best on your ring finger.

One of the most popular choices of settings today is the bezel setting. This is where the stone appears as a rounded curve in a flat setting. Another popular choice is the bezel and channel setting, where the two ends of the band to form a smooth curve. The bezel and channel are also used with yellow, rose and pink diamond rings. A lot of couples choose to use the double-side bezel, which means the stone on the left and the white one on the right. Most jewelers also offer the wax model, which is exactly like the bezel except that it has a raised pattern on the front side of the band.

Lastly, the price of a diamond ring depends on the carat or size of the diamond, the quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry as well as the design and style. Prices start from as low as $12 for small diamonds and go all the way up to several thousand dollars for very high quality pieces. Of course, the better the quality and the longer the lasting the better the price. If you are planning to buy a diamond ring, you should do your research first and find out how much it would cost in the market so you will be able to plan your budget. When you have a clear idea on the cost, then you can narrow down your choices and pick the perfect diamond ring.

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