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(Carlos Nino & Lil Sci) What's the Science?

Shaman Work (Atlanta, GA) will debut Elevation by its ever-inspiring hip-hop/jazz duo What's The Science? on September 23, 2008.

Carlos Nino and Lil Sci are back with a 12-track album featuring vocal cameos from labelmate Tiffany Paige, Dwight Trible, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) and Invisible Handz. Elevation is bound to ignite fans with thought-provoking, relevant lyrics and the innovative yet timeless sound. In an effort to move toward the future the artists looked to hip-hop's past.

"We stand here before you as students of the same conscious movement that birthed the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, KRS One, Rakim, Public Enemy, Brand Nubian, X Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, KMD and countless others that brought forth an entire essence that took the world by storm and made it cool to be intelligent." Lil Sci (John Robinson) is out to prove one thing: "It's no longer smart to be dumb."

With the daunting, tumultuous social, economic, and cultural conditions plaguing the planet; it's only fitting that the music reflect the consciousness of the people. At the same time, What's The Science? reminds us that above all, music should be fun and hip-hop is all about l-o-v-e.

"Love, Hugs and Hip-Hop Soul" serves as a tribute to the roots of hip-hop and demonstrates the change Shaman Work hopes to facilitate. "There's a lot of hate in hip hop now," says Lil Sci. "Today, you have a bunch of selection and no choices. We want to give a choice and be an alternative to what the music has become." Elevation is available on iTunes and fine music retailers nationwide on September 23.

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