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The Stock You Should Buy No Matter Who Wins the Elections: Amazon

Introduction to the Article

The USA is the most dominating nation in the world, which has significant importance in every matter has elections on its way. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the result of the 2020 elections due to many reasons. As two of the candidates are of two different minded and ideological personalities, businessmen are keen to know the results.

Offerings of both of the candidates are different, and there is a sense of tension and stress among business class people. Biggest business firms are the most affected personalities in the game due to the policies. Amazon is the biggest retail E-commerce company in the world, is not at all affected. Jeff’s net worth is on a roll for years now, and market stock rates are also increasing. This is because of varied fields of business and also Covid19 pandemic.

Amazon is the biggest retail products selling unit and offers delivery options. Being an intending investor, current business flow is the main factor which should be looked out. You can check out the market stock rates of NASDAQ AMZN and make investing decisions. In this article, we will take a look at Amazon being the best option no matter who wins the 2020 US election. 

This is why you should buy stocks of Amazon:- 

  • Biggest Retail e-commerce Company

Amazon is the biggest retail e-commerce tech company in the world, and it acts like one. In the last decade, Amazon has been performing consistently, and there is no stopping by. Walmart was the leading e-commerce retail unit before Amazon made its name and became Number 1. This is because of the constant decent performance and becoming the first option. Amazon’s performance was mirrored on the stock market when rates started increasing at a great pace. Now 27 years after the First IPO, Amazon is still in its prime and the first option for any investor in 2020. 

  • Less unsubscribed or outstanding stocks

In 2010, when Amazon started its first run in the e-commerce circuit, stock market performance was also improving. Every year, stock market rates were increasing with the cost of their stock. In 2015, Amazon got its biggest turnover and here are the results. The Stock Market of Amazon was on fire, and it made people purchase stocks of Amazon at a great pace. Right now, Amazon has the second most stocks after Apple. Outstanding shares of Amazon are worthy and also profitable. Therefore, you should go with the flow and cash out Amazon’s stock as much as possible. 

This was all about Amazon being the best choice for Intending Investors. If you want to know more about this stock, you can check its cash flow at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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