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Bathroom trends at the moment are very much about injecting personality while keeping to a monastic sense of spa-like serenity, which is where concrete comes in. The vivid hues it now comes in, coupled with the texture and depth it provides, makes it the perfect material for this space. Above is the Marenco Outdoor, a revised edition of the original Mario Marenco design, by Italian design brand Arflex. Available in an armchair, two-seater, three-seater and pouf, it’s a celebratory piece for Arflex as it marks 50 years since the first Marenco model hit the furniture design scene. And it would also look drop-dead gorgeous in living rooms too.

Before joining Future, Megan worked as a News Explainer at The Telegraph, following her MA in International Journalism at the University of Leeds. During her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, she gained writing experience in the US while studying in New York. Megan also focused on travel writing during her time living in Paris, where she produced content for a French travel site. She currently lives in London with her antique typewriter and an expansive collection of houseplants.

Her original designs have become synonymous with celebrity and now – if you can even find a piece – command seriously juicy prices . Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow debuted her home spa to the world earlier this year designers have been thinking of new ways to fold this feeling into decor. The materials, the textures, the steam rooms…and now, the return of the outdoor shower, for an invigorating blast first thing. Furniture designers have spotted the opportunity to bring people back together again, and this new era in furniture design sees a selection of seating options which are all about encouraging the art of in-person conversation. “”How people want to decorate has recently shifted,”” says the designer Lee Broom. A fashionable fantasy of wallpaper borders and fabric with painterly interpretations of classic prints, lush gardens, and graphics galore.

Cork has natural thermal properties which means it is great for heat insulation and can be a much cheaper alternative tounderfloor heating. Which means that its eco points don’t stop being collected at just the way it’s made. ‘It means a reduction in energy usage and utility bills,’ says Silvi Stoyanova, consultant for flooring company Bricoflor.

Over the years, interior designers and homeowners have played with wallpaper ideas as a way of correcting imperfections, adding layering to room schemes and, of course, as a way to pick up accent colors. ‘We know that using color in homes has become increasingly popular in the past few months,’ says Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief of Homes & Gardens. Paint can bring color in blocks, but wallpaper can bring rich colors along with pattern and texture too. And they’re no longer confined to lying horizontally across a wall, this time it’s a lot more free-spirited – think bending around woodwork or breaking up segments of space. Studio Atkinson’s first range of wallpaper borders comprises five modernised classic patterns ready to roam the room in vivid colors and unexpected scales.

Glass experts Lalique have announced a new curated edit of mantlepiece-worthy vessels which are perfect for propping a mantlepiece or an elegant little side table or cabinet of curiosities, all in this striking shade. Irregular rugs are striking designs that undoubtedly have all been created to own the floor. Not only do these living room rugs have an eye-catching print, they’re also all shaping a new outline in design, quite literally, as they all sport an unconventional shape.

It is indeed possible to spend less and get the best results when decorating the house. The right wallpaper border can have the same finishing effect on a space as crown molding or chair rails, but at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can even mimic various types of molding with borders designed specifically for that purpose. The interior designer Tara Bernerd agrees that there is a general move to sophistication, but it’s a more relaxed take on sophistication than ever before.

A simple first step is to choose one base colour as a foundation, and then adding two to three contrasting colours and materials. It’ll narrow down your options, making it easier to know what to look for. Use mood boards as a way to gather inspiration and see how your chosen theme and colour scheme work together. The designers suggest pairing this age-old feature with a statement antique, such as an 18th Century mirror.

It’s time to banish straight-edged wooden furniture options in favour of the more fluid curvalicious form . From trinket trays, vases, pillow cases, or our wavy mirror, look out for these extra pieces to bring out some je ne sais quoi to your home! And there’s no need to miss a mere moment of warmth as bathroom trends join the season’s open-air lifestyle. P Hart’s Luminous Tiles are happy on walls inside and out, weather resistant and durable to suit the most inclement of summers. Their au-natural palette harmonises with backyard materials and colors, while their high-gloss finish accentuates every sunbeam. However, there’s a feeling that this is about to change as designers – and it’s the Italian designers we’re talking about, in particular – are bringing some rather delicious looking accent chair designs to the fore.

A flamboyant and vibrant design of large jungle leaves with a splash of colour from exotic flowers. Home accessories and decorations give you a chance to create a truly personal home. So, no matter if you’re quirky, relaxed, sophisticated, cool, minimalistic, maximalistic, awkward or sociable or anything in between, adding that personal touch will make your home pop.

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