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Easy Eyebrow Tattoo Makeover Tutorial

Tattoo brows makeup tips: How to Apply Eyebrow tattoos with waterproof makeup: This is a very easy tutorial to follow. It involves applying eyeliner to your eyelid before you get your eyebrows tattooed. Start by drawing a line from the corner of the eye all the way to your eyebrow. Then draw out a line between the brow bone and the outer corner. Use this line as the foundation for your eyebrows tattoo design.

How to Apply Eyelid Ink waterproof makeup tip: Start with waterproof makeup before you get your eyebrows tattoo. Make your eyebrows look more natural with color. This is something I have found helpful. When it comes to eyebrow tattoo makeup, the most important thing to remember is to choose colors that compliment your skin tone.

How to Apply a Tattoo Makeup Line tattoo ink primer and ink: Before getting your eyebrows tattooed, you want to put on an eyeliner and liner tattoo primer. It will help protect your eyes and create a smoother look. After putting on an eyeliner and liner primer, apply an eyebrow tattoo ink. It is recommended that you use an eyebrow gel liner. This will give your design a defined look. The best way to apply your liner is to slowly draw one line across the entire area of the eyebrow and then fill it in with the ink. The lines should be short and sharp.

How to Apply Your Eyebrow Tattoo makeup: After your eyebrows are done, you will need to apply a brow pencil to seal and define the shape of the eyebrow tattoo. This will create a smoother look, so you will want to make sure you get the perfect color, texture and thickness. Use your eyebrow pencil in one of two ways: first, use a brush to apply the pencil to your eyebrow and gently blend it in; or second, use a bristle brush to create a line across the entire area of the eyebrow.

How to Get Your Eyebrows Tattoo to Stay in Place: Some people like to use eyebrow tattoos that go straight down the sides of their nose. However, if you want your design to stay in place, you will want to use a brow tattoo liner to create a line going up the side of the nose and down the center. You can also use eyeliners and eyebrow pencils to create waves.

How to Get Your Eyebrow Tattoo to Stay in Place: One final tip to remember when applying eyebrow tattoo makeup is to avoid smearing your tattoo after getting your eyebrows tattooed. There are a lot of products out there that claim to help with smudges. I would avoid using them, as they tend to make the edges of the tattoo bleed. Instead, use a damp cotton ball or tissue to dab the tattoo onto your face.

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