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The Benefits of Helmet Head Protection

You may have read quite a few articles on the benefits of Skully Fenix AR Helmet and other motorcycle accessories. These articles usually touch on the safety aspect, which is something most people are probably concerned about when they are riding. But did you know that helmet use can help reduce your risk of many serious illnesses and injuries? Read on to find out why.

It is well known that helmets reduce the impact on the skull when you take a crash. However, there is more to helmet safety than just looks. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic focused on the inner cheek area. Examining cheekbones and the base of the nose were done from three different angles, each with a standard thickness of bone and surrounding skin. When you are wearing helmets, the skulls stayed intact and did not deform, showing that the protection actually works.

The next time you are shopping for motorcycle gear, check the helmet ratings. This can be found at most major retailers and online, or at the motorcycle gear shop. Helmet ratings can help you identify brands and models that offer the best protection. It is also a good idea to check out the helmet manufacturer’s website. Here you can read reviews and find information about specific makes and models. You may even find prices on parts, along with comparisons to other types of helmets on the market.

Many states require riders to wear a full face helmet, as it does much to protect the head. It is strongly encouraged that every motorcycle rider that rides in a motor cycle wear a helmet, as it can save lives. Many cities and states to make it illegal to operate a motorcycle without the appropriate helmet on and even offer stiff fines for those caught on a public road without one. The law makes clear that it is completely unnecessary for non-helmeted motorists to wear a helmet, and in many cases, the consequences are sufficient enough to discourage even the most law abiding motorcyclists from flouting the law.

In addition to state laws, there are many recommendations for those that ride ATVs, dirt bikes and go karts. For ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts, a great piece of equipment that many owners consider a necessity is a helmet. Not only does the helmet provide exceptional protection in case of an accident, but it can also keep the driver and their team safe in terms of protection in the event of dirt bike accidents. Many ATV enthusiasts prefer to own several different helmets, and they know that in the event of an accident, one helmet will be able to provide them with adequate protection compared to might helmets worn by other riders. Many states require ATV and dirt bike riders to wear a helmet at all times while riding, and many of them are happy to see that their state has made it a legal requirement.

Even if you have not experienced a traumatic head injury or experienced any type of crash that would require head protection, you should still wear a helmet. The effects of a crash on the brain can be extensive and debilitating, and the helmet protects the brain. A helmet provides excellent protection when there is an accident because the helmet acts as a cushion against the impact of a head collision. If you wear a helmet, many of the symptoms from a traumatic head injury or a broken bone will go away. Headaches, dizziness and mild nausea are common side effects after an accident. When you have a helmet on your head, these symptoms will not be nearly as powerful as they would if you were wearing a non-helmeted head.

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