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Topical Steroids: Pros and Cons

Topical steroids are an incredibly popular form of treatment for children with arthritis and osteoarthritis. Their popularity stems from the fact that very few serious side effects come as a result of their use, and that they are relatively safe to administer. However, before you decide to start giving your child these supplements, you should be aware of how they work and what to watch out for. Although they do not generally have very negative side effects, they can cause some changes in your child’s growth and development and they can affect his or her behavior at school. It is also illegal for some doctors to prescribe them. So if you are deciding to give them to your child, it is absolutely crucial that you take the right actions in protecting him or her.

The active ingredient in topical steroids for osteoarthritis is glucosamine. Children who have been prescribed these supplements show an increase in cartilage and synovial fluid. However, this does not last, so it will soon return to normal once again. Children who use steroids for very long may experience the same kinds of side effects that adults experience, but since they do not enter the bloodstream, these side effects are much easier to notice.

Just like in adults, there can be some negative effects when your child starts using topical steroids. Children may find that their teeth become discolored, and they may even suffer from infection around the site of application. There is also some evidence that suggests that the swelling caused by topical steroids may lead to mental retardation in very young children. Fortunately, these effects are very short-lived, and children may eventually grow out of them. If your child starts to suffer from these symptoms, however, it is a good idea to consult with a physician right away.

The long-term effects of topical steroids on children are not clear. It is possible that they could lead to the same kinds of problems as adults, but at least they don’t seem to cause quite as much damage in children. This is probably because many scientists believe that the long-term health risks of steroids are negated when the steroid is used under medical supervision.

As you can see, there are very serious negatives of using topical steroids, but there are also some positive benefits. For example, topical steroids have been shown to help improve athletic performance, recovery from injuries, and healing. Children who suffer from eczema may be able to dramatically reduce their outbreaks with the help of steroids. Children also seem to enjoy the sensation that comes with topical steroids, and it is not likely that they would get tired or disinterested in using them if they worked. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link buy steroids.

As you can see, while there are many pros and cons to using topical steroids for young children, there are also some very real benefits. If you want to give your child an edge in school, or you want to make sure that they can fight off an infection, or you simply want to give them an edge in general, you may want to consider this option. Of course, this is all assuming that you know what you are doing when it comes to giving your child these medications. If you do not, and your child overdoses, becomes infected, or develops another negative side effect, you will be faced with a mountain of medical bills and an unpleasant predicament.

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